【Kuriyama】Soba & Game Dishes Restaurant “Mataginosato”

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Mataginosato is located in Kawamata area, Kuriyama Village. One of this restaurant’s notable features is a variety of game meat. You can experience eating bear, venison, duck, etc.


2.Restaurant Information
4.Mataginosato Photo Gallery


Dishes served in the restaurant are pretty rare not only for Japanese tourists but also for tourists from overseas.

If you don’t like these game meat dishes that much, you also have the option to eat traditional Japansese Soba, Udon, and mountain food such as river fish, edible wild plants, etc. Nonetheless, I defenitely recommend that you try some of the game meat.

2.Restaurant Information

Address: Kawamata 558, Nikko city, Tochigi prefecture

Hours: 11:00~15:00

Regular Day Off: Its off days are not fixed

Tel: +81288-96-0353(0288-96-0353)

Seats: 40 seats

Parking space: Can accommodate around 20 cars.


Soba(Buckwheat Noodles) & Udon(Wheat Noodles)

まつたけ(Matsutake) Soba or Udon with matsutake mushroom(served hot) ¥1,000

かも(Kamo) Soba or Udon with duck and green onions(served hot) ¥800

まいたけ(Maitake)Soba or Udon with maitake mushroom(served hot) ¥800

かけ(Kake) Plain Soba or Udon(served hot) ¥600

山菜(Sansai) Soba or Udon with edible wild plants(served hot or cold) ¥700

きのこ(Kinoko) Soba or Udon with assorted mushroom(served hot or cold) ¥700

ざる(Zaru) Plain Soba or Udon(served cold) ¥600

Ramen(Chinese Noodles)

くまラーメン(Kuma ramen) Ramen with roast bear meat ¥1,000

かもラーメン(Kamo ramen) Ramen with roast duck ¥800

山幸ラーメン(Yamasachi ramen) Ramen with edible wild plants ¥700


熊どん(Kuma don) Bear meat bowl ¥1,200

鹿どん(Sika don) Venison bowl ¥1,000

かも重(Kamo ju) Duck rice box ¥900


熊汁(Kuma jiru) Miso soup with bear meat and vegetables ¥600

きのこ汁(Kinoko jiru) Miso soup with assorted mushroom ¥500

Set Menu

いわな塩焼き定食(Iwana shioyaki teisyoku) Salt grilled Japanese char(Iwana trout) set meal ¥1,500

山菜きのこ定食(Sansai kinoko teisyoku) Simmered edible wild plants and mushroom set meal ¥1,300

Grilled meat on skewers

くま焼き(Kumayaki) Grilled bear meat on a skewer ¥800 per skewer

しか焼き(Shikayaki) Grilled venison on a skewer ¥800 per skewer

いのしし焼き(Inoshishiyaki) Grilled boar meat on a skewer ¥800 per skewer

きじ焼き(Kijiyaki) Grilled pheasant meat on a skewer ¥800 per skewer

岩魚塩焼き(Iwana sioyaki) Salt grilled Japanese char(Iwana trout) on a skewer ¥600 per skewer

かも焼き(Kamoyaki) Grilled duck on a skewer ¥500 per skewer

さんしょう魚焼き(Sansyouoyaki) Grilled salamander on a skewer ¥400 per skewer

Beverage Menu

生ビール(Nama bi-ru) Draft beer ¥700

瓶ビール(Bin bi-ru) Bottled beer ¥700

日本酒(Nihonsyu) Japanese sake ¥500

4.Mataginosato Photo Gallery


How to travel between Kinugawa onsen and Tokyo (Japan-guide.com)

The best way to get here is by taking your own vehicle.

If coming via public transportation, take the Tobu Nikko Line to Kinugawa Onsen Station (鬼怒川温泉駅). From there take a bus headed for Meotobuchi (女夫渕) and get off at Mataginosato (またぎの里).  The bus fare costs ¥‎1,390 and takes about 90minutes. There are only 4 buses a day with two in the morning and two in the afternoon. The bus timetable can be found in the link below.

Kinugawa onsen husband and wife edge(Meotobuchi) line


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