【Kuriyama】Soba Restaurant “Sanmi”

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Sanmi is located in Wakama area, Kuriyama Village.

Jaou waterfall situated accross from Sanmi is pretty beautiful and spectacular! Many tourists visit this area, especially in autumn season.


2.Restaurant’s Information
4.Sanmi photo gallery

1. Introduction

This restaurant serves Soba cooked with spring water. It’s really fresh and delicious. Wakama area is famous for Japanese horseradish producted by Sanmi. You can purchase it here. Sanmi’s Japanese horseradish absolutely complements Soba.

2.Restaurant’s Information

Address: Wakama 830-1, Nikko city, Tochigi prefecture

Hours: 10:00~16:00

Regular Day Off: Its off days are not fixed and during the winter season

Tel: +81288-96-0353(0288-97-1515)

Seats: 50 seats

Parking space: Can accommodate around 20 cars.


All menus can be changed to a large portion if you pay an additional ¥100 in your order.

Soba(Buckwheat Noodles) & Udon(Wheat Noodles)

もり(Mori) Plain soba or udon(served cold) ¥600

ざる(Zaru) Cold soba or udon topped with shredded dried seaweed (served cold) ¥700

天ざる(Tenzaru) Assorted tempura soba or udon noodles (served cold) ¥1,300

山菜(Sansai) Soba or udon with edible wild plants(served hot) ¥800

きのこ(Kinoko) Soba or udon with assorted mushroom(served hot)  ¥800

天ぷら(Tempura) Assorted tempura soba or Udon(served hot) ¥800

かけ(Kake) Plain soba or udon(served hot) ¥600

月見(Tsukimi) Soba or Udon with raw egg(served hot) ¥700

たぬき(Tanuki) Soba or Udon  with bits of deep-fried tempura batter(served hot) ¥700

Set Meal

天ぷら定食(Tempura teisyoku) Assorted tempura meal ¥1,000

Sides Menu

天ぷら盛り合わせ(Tempura moriawase) Assorted tempura ¥600

きのこの天ぷら盛り合わせ(kinoko tennpura moriawase) Assorted mushroom tempura(seasonal menu)  ¥800

Beverage Menu

日本酒(Nihonsyu) Japanese Sake ¥350

ビール(bi-ru) Beer ¥630

ジュース(juice) ¥200

4.Sanmi Photo Gallery


The best way to get here is by taking your own vehicle.

If coming via public transportation, take the Tobu Nikko Line to Kinugawa Onsen Station (鬼怒川温泉駅). From there take a bus headed for Meotobuchi (女夫渕) and get off at Jaounotaki (蛇王の滝). The bus fare costs ¥‎1,050 and takes about 60minutes. There are only 4 buses a day with two in the morning and two in the afternoon. The bus timetable can be found in the link below.

Kinugawa onsen husband and wife edge(Meotobuti) line


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