【Kuriyama】Cafe “Higashi”

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Cafe Higashi is located in Yunishigawa area. This cafe has been running for over 30 years.


2.Cafe Information
4.Cafe Higashi Photo Gallery


This cafe is the only place where you can buy handmade bread and cakes. Many people both tourists and locals love it here. Whenever the cafe opens, you can buy handmade bread and cakes and this may bring about nostalgic feelings and one can enjoy the warm atmosphere here.

The desserts change depending on the season, so you can enjoy new seasonal desserts whenever you go.

2.Cafe Information

Address: Yunishigawa 760, Nikko city, Tochigi prefecture

Hours: It depends on days.

Regular Day Off: Its off days are not fixed. (Before you come here, you’d better make a phone call)


Seats: 10seats

Parking space: Park your car in front of the cafe, please.


Recommended Menu

そば粉入りマドレーヌセット(Madeleine Set) Madeleine made with soba buck wheat flour and tea or coffee ¥600

日替わりケーキセット(Higawari Cake Set) Today’s cake of the day with tea or coffee ¥800

↑Here is one example

昔なつかしいホットケーキセット(Hot cake set)Nostalgic Pan Cake Set (Homemade pan cake with tea or coffee) ¥800

お汁粉 栃餅(Oshiruko Toch-Mochi) ¥600
お汁粉 白餅(Oshiruko Shiro-Mochi) ¥500

Oshiruko is a sweet-flavored dish made from Anko(red bean paste.) You can choose Tochi-Mochi(rice-cake made with Japanese-horse-chestnuts) or Shiro-Mochi(white rice-cake) which is put in your Oshiruko.

あべかわ 栃餅(Abekawa Tochi-Mochi) ¥550
あべかわ 白餅(Abekawa Shiro-Mochi) ¥500

Abekawa is rice cake covered with sweetened soybean flour. You can choose Tochi-Mochi or Shiro-Mochi.

いそべ餅(Isobe-Mochi)Toasted rice cake with dried seaweed ¥500

揚げもち(Age-Mochi)Deep-fried rice cake ¥500

そばっかき(Sobakkaki)Boiled soba cake (a dish made with soba flour)¥800

あま酒(Amazake) A drink prepared from fermented sweet rice (non-alcoholic) ¥350

ところてん(Tokoroten)Gelidium (a type of seaweed) jelly ¥350

※ All menus of Mochi are toasted after you order, so it takes a little time.(about 20 minutes)

Coffee (each coffee has hot and iced options)

We make each coffee with fresh ground beans on order.

ブレンドコーヒー(Blend Coffee) Coffee¥510

アメリカンコーヒー(American Coffee) Weak coffee ¥510

カフェオレ(café au lait) ¥530

Tea(each tea has hot and iced options)

紅茶・ストレート(Koucha・Straight) Black tea ¥400

紅茶・シナモン (Koucha・Cinnamon)Black tea with cinnamon ¥450

紅茶・ロシアンティ、手作りなつおとめジャム(Koucha・Russian tea) Russian tea with homemade strawberry jam ¥450

ロイヤルミルクティー(Royal milk tea) Tea with milk ¥550

Other Beverages

ホットココア Hot cocoa ¥600

アイスココア Iced cocoa ¥620

抹茶ラテ(Matcha Latte) Green Tea Latte(hot or iced)  ¥450

ミルク Milk (hot or iced) ¥350

オレンジジュース Orange juice ¥350

ソーダ水(soda sui) Soda Pop ¥350

クリームソーダ(Cream Soda) Melon soda with vanilla ice cream ¥550

コーヒーフロート(Coffee Float)Iced coffee with ice cream ¥600

イチゴとブルーベリーのスムージー Strawberry&Blueberry smoothie ¥500

4.Cafe Higashi Photo Gallery


How to travel between Yunishigawa Onsen and Tokyo (Japan-guide.com)

If you take a bus from Kinugawa onsen station, get off at Honkebankyumae (本家伴久前).