【Kuriyama】Soba Restaurant “Yashio”

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Yashio is located in Wakama area, Kuriyama village, Nikko city. Its address is Wakama 832-1, Nikko city, Tochigi prefecture. As well as running the restaurant, the owner acts as a hunter.

He usually hunts wild animals and harvest edible wild plants which are served in the restaurant and Soba is also famous.


Cold Soba (buckwheat noodles) & Udon (wheat noodles)

You can choose either Soba or Udon.

ざる(Zaru) Cold noodles, topped with shredded dried seaweed  ¥750

とろろ(Tororo) Cold noodles with grated yam ¥950

天ざる(Tenzaru) Assorted tempura cold noodles ¥1,300

Hot Soba & Udon

まいたけ(Maitake) Hot noodles topped with Maitake mushroom ¥850

天ぷら(Tempura) Hot noodles with tempura ¥850

山菜(Sansai) Hot noodles with edible wild plants ¥800

きのこ(Kinoko) Hot noodles with assorted mushroom ¥800

かけ(Kake) Plain hot noodles ¥650

Set Menu

カツ丼(Katsudon) Pork cutlet egg bowl ¥800

ソースカツ丼(katsudon)Japanese-Style Worcestershire sauce pork cutlet bowl ¥800

牛玉丼(Gyutamadon) Beef bowl with raw egg ¥800

舞茸ごはん(Maitake gohan) Boiled rice with Maitake mushroom ¥850

とり唐揚げ定食(Torikaraage teisyoku) Deep-fried chicken set meal ¥850

鹿刺し定食(shikasashi teisyoku) Sliced raw venison set meal ¥1,300

Curry and Rice

カレーライス(Curry rice) Curry and rice with salad ¥800

カツカレー(Katsu curry) Curry and rice with pork cutlet with salad ¥1,150

Side Dish

天ぷら盛り合わせ(Tempura moriawase)  Assorted tempura ¥950

とりの唐揚げ(Torinokaraage) Deep-fried chicken ¥700

ライス(rice) ¥200

Rice Bowl Set

You can choose Soba or Udon and Hot or Cold.

舞茸ごはんセット(Maitake gohan set) Boiled rice with Maitake mushroom and Soba or Udon (Hot or Cold) ¥1,200

カツ丼セット(Katsudon set) Pork cutlet egg bowl and Soba or Udon (Hot or Cold) ¥1,200

ソースカツ丼セット(Sauce katsudon set)Japanese-Style Worcestershire Sauce pork cutlet bowl and Soba or Udon (Hot or Cold) ¥1,200

牛玉丼セット(Gyuutamadon set) Beef bowl with raw egg and Soba or Udon(Hot or Cold) ¥1,200

Beverage Menu

日本酒(Nihonsyu) Japanese Sake ¥400

ビール(bi-ru) Bottled beer ¥600

コーヒー(ko-hi-) Coffee ¥350

The Restaurant’s photos


How to travel between Kinugawa onsen and Tokyo (Japan-guide.com)

The best way to get here is by taking your own vehicle. If coming via public transportation take the Tobu Nikko Line to Kinugawa Onsen Station (鬼怒川温泉駅). From there take the bus in the direction of Meotobuchi (女夫渕) and get off at Jaounotaki (蛇王の滝). The bus fare costs ¥‎1,010 and takes about an hour. There are only 4 buses a day with two in the morning and two in the afternoon. The bus timetable can be found in the link below.

Kinugawa onsen husband and wife edge(Meotobuti) line


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