Hunting culture still prevails in Kuriyama village, Nikko city

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If you’re searching for “something new”, let’s explore the unexplored region of Kuriyama in Nikko.

Sometimes old customs still prevail, especially in rural areas. “Hunting” is one of the customs which still survives today. On the whole as technology advances, the more difficult it will be for old customs to survive. Nevertheless, I believe hunting culture should be handed down from generation to generation. So, I’ll introduce hunting to Kuriyama.

How to hunt (Makigari)

In Kuriyama hunting is usually done by more than two people. Then the hunters separate into two roles which are called “Seko” and “Tatsu”.

Seco’s groups role is to follow in the foot prints of animals and chase the game from the base of the mountain to the top of the mountain. Then they shout loudly like “Wooooow,Wooooow!!” to scare the deer(game) on the top of the mountain.

Tatsu’s groups role is to shoot. They shoot the deer (or boar) after Seko chased the game. They stand behind a tree and ready with the rifle. Seko chase the game where Tatsu waits.

Equipment which is used in hunting

1. Deer whistle

It is used by hunters to lure stags(male deer). It makes the sound of female deer and its sound gathers stags.

2. Japanese snow shoes (Kanjiki)

These are used when hunters walk on deep snow. There are made of bent bamboo. People who wear them never sink down into deep snow. Using Japanese snow shoes is also an old custom. It is said that Japanese snow shoes have been used for over 8,000 years. In Aomori prefecture, used Japanese snow shoes were discovered in ancient remains.

3. A cushion which is made from animal’s skin

It is used by hunters to rest or to have a meal on the snow while they are hunting in the mountains. Hunters skin the deer or bear skin and then dry it.

How do I experience hunter’s culture and life?

We’re planning “Kuriyama Hunter Tour”. It’s going to be held February, 9th, 2019. You can learn traditional hunting culture with hunters. This tour offers you skinning deer skin, wearing Japanese snow shoes, seeing real hunting, eating venison and more new experiences.

For further information, please keep on checking our web site or feel free to contact us via e-mail or calling. You can find our mailing address and phone number below.

phone number: +8170-4380-5917(070-4380-5917)

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